Auto Wall System - S3000

AutoEyeTruss System – SF022

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Butterfly Table BS40

Complete System - SF002

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Factory Layout and Planning



Flexi Range

Floor and Roof Production Lines

Floor cassettes

Floors and roofs.

Footers Structual Timber - Pre-fabricated roof trusses efficient use of timber resources design flexibility pre-fabricated roof trusses are constructed in a series of connected automated manufacturing processessophisticated software enables a fully integrated roof design

Hand Press NT10

House Building System

Keenan Timber Frame - Future Frame

Lindbäcks Bygg - Customer Study

Linie do ścian


Mill Cutter



Notching Saw JS400C

Piła Poprzeczna SP720

Piły poprzeczne

Prefabrication Technology Transfer


Robotic System

Roof Truss Laser System

Roof Truss System

Roof Truss System NT

Roof ceilings and roof elements.

Second Hand Machinery

Semi closed air tight panel - factor produced in Ireland.


Sprzęt do produkcji wiązarów dachowych

Stewart Milne

Stoły robocze składane (motylkowe)

Strona główna

Stół motylkowy - BS20

The Randek AutoFloor system is the world´s most automatic production system for floor elements

The Randek ZeroLabor Robotic System is a fully automatic robotic system that performs various working processes fully automatic. The system is flexible and can be configured to customer need. The robotic system can be integrated into existing production lines or work as a standalone unit. The system can handle production of: walls

Toll Brothers

Universal Trusses