By carefully study the products and production of the customer Randek will design the most efficient and well-suited production line specific to the customers’ requirements. Randek has long experience in the area of offsite building and is well suited to recommend and plan a new production line for the customer.
During the development of the production line there are several important subjects to take into consideration.

The product

By learning in detail the design and important features of the customers’ product, Randek can counsel the customer to improvements of the product in order to increase the capacity of and enhance the cost efficiency of offsite building. Randek has good solutions for several technical details regarding wall, floor and roof panels that will enhance and improve the production flow in the line.

The production

Together with the customer Randek plan the operations to be done in a way that will give the best output of the production line. To fulfil the logistic flow of material and such, Randek has excellent contact with suppliers of this type of service. Together with one of our cooperative companies we can design a perfect match between the customers’ requirements and the logistic and technical features.

The plant

When Randek develops a production line for a customer it is done with great consideration to the plant. Characteristics like dimensions of the plant, columns, gates for forklift trucks etc. are fundamental for the design of the layout. Randek is also a great support when it comes to planning the new plant. In this case Randek can advice the customer how to design their plant for the best result.

The production rate

To secure the production rate it is of high importance for Randek to acquire good knowledge of the customers type of product and production. Randek can with a self developed tool secure the production rate in the new line by knowledge of operations to be done. The equipment supplied by Randek has well verified cycle times of each mechanical operation. Manual operations are measured by the customer in their existing production. Together these features will be a solid base in order to calculate the production rate and develop a excellent scheme of the production flow, how the walls are to be produced.