Randek on the frontpage of Manufacturing Today

Great article in the magazine Manufacturing Today!
Randek chairman Johan Larsholm; “The prefabricated home manufacturing sector is very buoyant and as demands for prefabrication grows, so does demand for automation equipment”
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Award - Excellence in Innovation

Randek together with our agent Bliss & Reels were awarded "Excellence in Innovation" in Australia.
The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce annually award Swedish business achievements in Australia.
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Randek Plant

Randek AB moves into a new production and development facility. The new plant will strongly increase the capacity. The plant is located in Falkenberg Sweden.
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0% complaints for Randek C-frames after 10 years on the market

Randek launched a newly developed C-frame for the roof truss presses over 10 years ago and despite high sales volumes 0% complaints has been made. C-frames are exposed to very high loads during pressing and this can, over time, lead to crack formations in the C-frame. Randek well tested C-frames do not have this problem! The C-frame is used for all Randek presses 23-35 tons.

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Ligna Highlight Tour

The AutoEyeTruss System was awarded the highlight of the Ligna exhibition
Each Ligna exhibition the Deutsche Messe awards the highlights of the exhibition in terms of most innovative and groundbreaking product/system. Over 300 companies applied this year and the AutoEyeTruss System, together with 5 other companies, was awarded the highlight of Ligna.

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